Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management or ORM is the act of managing and manipulating your presence online. It involves online monitoring of a specific name -- may it be an individual's name, a brand name, or a company name -- and managing its search engine results such that when it is being searched for, users would only see preferred information about it on the top pages of ther esulys.

Online Reputation Managment works either positively for or negatively against a specific target. While it technically refers to "managing one's reputation online", ORM is now also being used to show the flaws or faults of a particular individual or brand.

Since the Internet is often being used to look for products, services, jobs, people, and sources for any particular reason, it is a great venue for advertising and sharing reviews and feedback. ORM basically works that way. You put in information about a particular name on the Internet -- whether good or bad -- to help consumers and web users get more information that they need. You help them see the credibility, or lackthereof, of something that they are not sure of yet.

And so I make this blog to write about the complaints I have against companies, institutions, businesses, or individuals in the Philippines (or abroad) who either provide really bad services, online scams, or show really bad reputation to their customers. I do not mean to degrade or discredit them in any way, but I am here to warn my fellow consumers to think twice before availing their services.

Walang personalan, ORM lang! :)