Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Goldie Lad Po and Jacqueline Tiu-Po Online Scammers

Beware of online scammers Goldie Lad Po and wife Jacqueline Tiu-Po!

They claim to be online sellers of wholesale beauty products in the Philippines, but it turns out, they are actually online scammers! When you transact with them, you won't get what you ordered. They  only get your money!

Goldie Lad Po and Jacqueline Tiu-Po DO NOT agree on meet ups. They will insist on shipping the items to your address, which makes it even more doubtful. They will ask you to deposit the payment first to their bank accounts and promise to ship your items upon receiving your payment. However, when you get your items, you will get fake, incomplete, or items which do not meet your requirements (i.e., wrong color, wrong size, etc.). So much for your hard-earned money!

Here's more! When you complain about the items they shipped to you, they will make a lot of stupid alibis and will not agree to return or exchange the items! Sila pa ang magagalit sa'yo.

DO NOT TRUST Goldie Lad Po and Jacqueline Tiu-Po!

They are unprofessional, incosiderate, arrogant, obnoxious, and most of all, scammers!

Goldie Lad Po
Online Scammer Philippines
Lives in Pasig City

Jacqueline Tiu-Po (or Jackie Po)
Online Scammer Philippines
Lives in Pasig City

You have been warned! Beware of online scammers in the Philippines!