Monday, November 4, 2013

PRIMO Rent A Car Business in Manila Closed

PRIMO Rent A Car business in Manila, Philippines has officially closed and is not operating anymore. Owner and director of operations Diego Romero was bankrupt and could not pay his employees anymore.

Diego Romero was very unprofessional in handling the closed business. No official memorandum. No communication. No final pay for his employees.

DO NOT TRUST Diego Romero and his business PRIMO Rent A Car Service in Manila, Philippines. He is a genuine scammer and will only rip your wallet with unreasonable car rental rates and very poor service.

Details of this incompetent online scammer and his closed business are:

Diego V. Romero

PRIMO Car Rentals Manila
Manila Office: +63 2  551 2429
Globe Network: +63 916 251 0226
Smart Network: +63 918 827 7368
Viber: +63 918 887 6782
USA/Canada: +1 747 444 5944

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Daniel John Harrison: Online Scammer in Australia

Daniel John Harrison of Victoria, Templestowe, Australia is an online scammer! Beware and never trust this person!

Daniel John Harrison claims to be the owner and founder of iC3 Business Solutions company in Australia and a part of North Lake Financial Services Pty Ltd. He goes by the email addresses and If you ever receive an email from Daniel John Harrison, beware and you might be talking to the next person who will ruin your business plans!

Daniel John Harrison does not pay his vendors and business partners accordingly. Before your offer your business services to him, think twice because more likely, HE WILL NOT PAY YOU, TOO.

Again, be warned and beware of Daniel John Harrison of of Victoria, Templestowe, Australia because he is a certified online scammer.

iC3 Business Solutions Australia is a Fraud!

Beware of iC3 Business Solutions, an Australia-based business company claiming to provide quality and professional business services!

iC3 Business Solutions Australia is a fraud!

It is composed of a team of professional scammers and liars who don't provide the appropriate service they promise. They do not pay vendors and corporate partners, as well! Do not be fooled by iC3 Business Solutions!

Daniel John Harrison, owner and founder, of this hoax company in Australia is the mastermind of all its online scamming sham. Beware and do not trust this person! Learn more about Daniel John Harrison here.

If you have been personally victimized by iC3 Business Solutions or Daniel John Harrison, feel free to tell us your story so we can publish them here.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tony Sanders Cyber Bully Philippines: Beware of Tony Sanders

Beware of Tony Sanders!

Tony Sanders is an obnoxious, offensive cyber bully in the Philippines. Tony Sanders in from Oakland, California, but is currently residing in Subic, Zambales. He used to work for Arizona Beach Resort, Subic Bay, Philippines, but has dedicated his time now at cyber bullying and offending users on Facebook and other social networking sites.

Beware of this cyber bully! Check out these photos of Tony Sanders, a cyber bully in the Philippines.
Tony Sanders, Cyber Bully Philippines

Tony Sanders, Cyber Bully Philippines

Know more about this cyber bully Tony Sanders. Check out his Facebook account:

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